The community’s vision for housing in the North Central Philadelphia neighborhood includes the development of high-quality housing that meets the diverse needs of its existing resident base. It seeks to expand the range and quality of energy-efficient and sustainable housing options and to create critical mass by developing vacant parcels, while also promoting the preservation and protection of affordable housing units for long-time neighborhood residents and providing a range of mixed income housing options to serve the neighborhoods increasingly diverse population.

PHA North Central Rendered Site Plan 24x36 (Phase V Planned) Revised_20190812.jpg

NorthCentral Phase II LEED

North Central CNI Phase II development is the second of five phases of the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grant awarded to the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA), as co-applicants, by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in 2014. The Development is located in the North Central Neighborhood of North Philadelphia and consist of 89 newly constructed rental units.

 The Development includes an area generally bounded by North 9th Street to the West, Diamond Street to the North, North Marshall Street to the East, and West Berks Street to the South. It is currently experiencing a major transformation as a result of the rehabilitation of many infill units, the development of several new rental and homeownership projects coupled with capital improvements throughout the community. The Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grant looks to build on this momentum to revitalize the neighborhood.

 The 89 units will be housed in variety of building types and lot configurations spread throughout the neighborhood. Infilling the “missing teeth” of the once continuous street façades of the early 20th Century, these new homes will also revitalize vacant land to repopulate this once thriving working class community. 29 different parcels will house 53 different buildings, ranging in typology from two- and three-story single family rowhomes to three-story, multi-family buildings which is relative to the existing neighborhood context. There are two buildings that house 11 and 15 units, respectively, that will become new homes dedicated to seniors aged 55 and older. One of these multi-family buildings will also house a Community Center for use by the residents as well as a management office to facilitate the needs of the new community.

 The project has high sustainability goals and will be seeking certification from LEED (Silver), EnergyStar Homes and Enterprise Green Communities.