Benefits to Owning A LEED Certified Home

LEED homes offer numerous benefits to home owners, including lower energy and water bills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased comfort, less exposure to indoor pollutants such as mold, mildew and other indoor toxins, and lower maintenance costs. Owners of LEED homes can feel good every day, in that that they are doing something substantial to lessen their contribution to environmental degradation.

Most important, these benefits are very affordable. The net monthly cost of owning a LEED home (i.e., mortgage payment plus utility bills) is comparable to that of the monthly cost of owning a conventional code-built home. – U.S. Green Building Council.

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Sustainability measures and metrics specific to this development include:

·         Reuse of Existing Infrastructure

·         Reuse of Previously Developed Land and Infill of Existing Urban Fabric

·         Excellent Use of Site Stewardship through Appropriate Site Density

·         Outstanding Access to Community Resources

·         Outstanding Access to Public Transportation

·         Very High-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures

·         All Homes are EnergyStar Certified

·         All Homes are at least 30% More Efficient than Base Model Home

·         High Efficiency Framing Techniques and Off-site Fabrication

·         Environmentally Preferred Products

·         Low Emission Products

·         Locally Produced Products

·         85% of Construction Waste was Recycled

·         Resident and Maintenance Staff Training on Sustainable Construction Technique, Care and Repair


Photos by: Kat Kendron Photography

Photos by: Kat Kendron Photography